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» Anonymously tell me what you think of my character portrayal.

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» Uh oh! Your character is watching mine get hit on and is feeling possessive. How does your character handle this?

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» Send my muse one of the following to see how they react!


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Idina Menzel
No Good Deed
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Idina Menzel - No Good Deed

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LITTLE GIRL, DARK HEART. this is for the girl whose fire burns so bright it’s blinding, but she has a cloud of darkness hanging over her heart. this is for the girl who has always had the strength to carry on despite adversity. this is for the girl who has only ever had houses, never a home. this is for the girl whose thoughts are a puzzle but you’ve lost some of the pieces, never able to fully understand the picture. this is for the girl whose past you will never know, never understand, despite how much you want to. you grasp at her soul and mind with desperate fingers because you have to know her story. but this is for the girl who doesn’t know how to love anyone, including herself. this is for the girl with the sunshine hair who is stuck in the shadows of her mind.


ride (w/ intro) lana del rey // home phillip phillips  // blood on my name the wright brothers // the story brandi carlile  // you know i’m no good coeur de pirate // playing for keeps elle king // bravado lorde // young and beautiful lana del rey // youth daughter // girls like you the naked and famous // hear me dark dark dark // homesick radical face // radioactive [itunes session] imagine dragons // home gabrielle aplin  // lions! lights // ballad of a politician regina spektor // between the bars elliot smith // skin zola jesus // letdown the glass child

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Going to bed. Dad checked my blood sugar and it was only 4. Had a bit of sugar, and I’m going to bed now e.e niiiight…

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» What’s one thing you’ve been dying to ask the muse?

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