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Fresh Start


"Promise promise! I will be nice but I would like to him to move by his own. he is already a man." Eros explained, straightening his posture. The demond didn’t doubt and returned her the hug, brushing her back tenderly and with his other hand caressing her hair. It was normal be scared. and he knew it after hear about her past. 

"As you wish. Lewis can entertain himself with hsi new room and I can give you my company. We will have now time for us more than anything."

Aggie smiled warmly. Eros was too good to her. “Mmm…” After (reluctantly) pulling out of the hug, she took one of his hands in hers, leading him through the house until they found their bedroom.

It was so nice and big; she couldn’t wait to redecorate!

But right now was snuggle time…

"So sleepy…" The goth half yawned, too tired to lift her other hand to cover her mouth. "Mmph…" Soon she was snuggled up under the covers, stretching her arms out to the demon like a tired child. "Erosss…" She yawned again, wiggling her fingers.

Lewis meanwhile was scouting around with Scraggy, trying to find the best room. After a little while, he decided on one, and they both broke into his secret stash of emergency bacon as they relaxed.

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Fresh Start


Eros opened his mouth to reply but immediatly closed it when noticed Lewis stare. “…..Do you need me to chose you a room?” He asked to lewis, seeing that he didnt went to pick one. with the bag still in his hands like waiting for a miracle to move it itself. this was more a move and stop stare like a baby.” I can pick the attic for you if you want” He added before turn to see aggie again.”As you wish, my dear. but he will need a space to have his toys and where to practice. We can move the bed to place the crib near it. it would be that ok?”

Lewis just scoffed, walking off to find a room. He didn’t really care about all this boring moving business, but he did want to get a nice room at least…

"Be niiiiice to him…" Aggie tapped Eros’s nose with a warning look that quickly turned into a smile. "And yes, that would be just fine. I… don’t want our little baby all alone at night. You understand." She pulled Eros into a hug. Moving was still stressful, and she needed the comfort. "Want to finish all this later and just lie down for a while?" The goth was close to falling asleep right here.

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Fresh Start


Eros rolled his eyes to lewis perfectly hearing what he was doing at his back. but smiled at aggie and nodded at her request.” Sure. he also will rest after help me.” He smiled wide.

"There is a room with a double bed. the second door to the left, front it there is a small room we can use it for Amon so we can hear him during the night. There are other  two bedrooms with plenty space and individual beds too, lewis can chose any of them."

still they need to bet more blankets and sheet. also extra pillows and a new couch. the kitchen has almost all the basic. and a fridge. for the rest they can buy it soon. now that he found a job that nobody else likes to do. just he found it attractive.

"A separate room..?” She stared at Eros curiously. Why would the baby need that yet? “That’s for when he’s a little older, yeah?”

Yeah, Amon’s cradle would be in their room at least until she was sure he was alright on his own. After losing one baby, she was more than a little overprotective of this one…

Lewis stood there, watching the two of them.

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