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Mun: → Lasers-And-Spikes

M!A: None
Voice Claim: Jennifer Tilly
Face Claim: Alice Kelson

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"You must be Link, because you caught a piece of my heart~" ((HAHA AGGIE PLS))


Zagam grimmaced and raised an eyebrow at her. Covering his mouth with his black hand, chuckling. “With those lines you are gonna end single again..” Eros from behing pushed the older brother with a hand and growled at him. “move” His voice was calm but cold and deadly. Even with his peacefull expression he warned him,. “Answer her for me again and I will break your jaw. He stepped near Aggie and wrapped his arm around her waist, leaning against her ear to kiss her lobe ear and wishper. “who is link?” 

Zagam heard him and choked with his own saliva……………

((omg Im so sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Eros you caverman))


"Oh, he’s just this videogame character who.. it doesn’t matter~" She nuzzled his nose before peppering Eros’s face with black kissie-marks.

"Wuv you~" She giggled. "Ooh! That reminds me! I need to introduce you to videogames~"

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Words Are Not Enough


"humm?"" The demon tilted his head to one side and tried to figure out about what she was talking….christen?… ..

Maybe not….” he denied with the head.”I don’t like Christmas”

It was Aggie’s turn to laugh then, poking his nose. “And you say I’m gullible…” She smirked. “I mean… we’ll have to…” How to explain it… “Y’know~" Her eyebrows wiggled suggestively.

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