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Fresh Start


Eros opened his mouth to reply but immediatly closed it when noticed Lewis stare. “…..Do you need me to chose you a room?” He asked to lewis, seeing that he didnt went to pick one. with the bag still in his hands like waiting for a miracle to move it itself. this was more a move and stop stare like a baby.” I can pick the attic for you if you want” He added before turn to see aggie again.”As you wish, my dear. but he will need a space to have his toys and where to practice. We can move the bed to place the crib near it. it would be that ok?”

Lewis just scoffed, walking off to find a room. He didn’t really care about all this boring moving business, but he did want to get a nice room at least…

"Be niiiiice to him…" Aggie tapped Eros’s nose with a warning look that quickly turned into a smile. "And yes, that would be just fine. I… don’t want our little baby all alone at night. You understand." She pulled Eros into a hug. Moving was still stressful, and she needed the comfort. "Want to finish all this later and just lie down for a while?" The goth was close to falling asleep right here.

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Fresh Start


Eros rolled his eyes to lewis perfectly hearing what he was doing at his back. but smiled at aggie and nodded at her request.” Sure. he also will rest after help me.” He smiled wide.

"There is a room with a double bed. the second door to the left, front it there is a small room we can use it for Amon so we can hear him during the night. There are other  two bedrooms with plenty space and individual beds too, lewis can chose any of them."

still they need to bet more blankets and sheet. also extra pillows and a new couch. the kitchen has almost all the basic. and a fridge. for the rest they can buy it soon. now that he found a job that nobody else likes to do. just he found it attractive.

"A separate room..?” She stared at Eros curiously. Why would the baby need that yet? “That’s for when he’s a little older, yeah?”

Yeah, Amon’s cradle would be in their room at least until she was sure he was alright on his own. After losing one baby, she was more than a little overprotective of this one…

Lewis stood there, watching the two of them.

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Fresh Start


"Pfff it is not a word and less a way to answer to your elders.!! talks with propiety! and walk like a man for the love of the lord hell! keep your back rect!" Eros huffed annoyed. this child was raised by monkeys! He denied with the head, knowing the future hard work it comes for future. poor Aggie. who had to live with him!. 

After reach the elevator they arrived tot he fifth floor. he opened the door and they could take a good look to the new apartment. the hall was very big and the kitchen was connected to the dinner room. also there was plenty room for the, with an attic in case they need to save things out of the visitors eyes… a corpse….

"Well. we are here. now. you go rest, my dear. Lewis and I will organize everything."

Aggie snorted; she’d never seen Eros with such a bee in his bonnet! “Aww, cut the kid a little slack…” She nudged the demon with a smile.

Lewis grinned from behind his sister’s back, doing a little dance.

The elevator came to a stop, and Aggie stepped out first. “Ooh.” She looked around, smiling. It was a blank slate, but that was good. It meant they could all put their own personal spin on it.

"Which room is ours, hon? Is the bed there already?" She couldn’t wait to just lie down… That car wasn’t very comfy.

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#fresh start
Fresh Start


Eros turned around and gazed at Lewis. “Are you gonna move that bag, or you want your pregnant sister move it for you? Or maybe you want me to carry your lazy self like a little princess?” Eros asked dryly to lewis, raising an eyebrow. But he ignored also any possible answer and opened the door or the entrance of the building for Aggie to pass first. 

"The doors here are automatic. , if you dont come here fast you will end locked outside." he demanded to Lewis while Aggie passed inside.  she just need to call the elevator to reach tot he fifth floor. in where they are going to live.   "Dont worry Aggie. you can stay in the living room and see if you want anything extra for the house. we can work in a list later."

Lewis fumed. “Ffffff-” He stuck his tongue out before grabbing the bags, shuffling over.

"OK, sweetie~" Aggie chirped at the demon, trying not to laugh too hard at her brother. "Lewis; behave."

Lewis just huffed, dragging the bags across the threshold.

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Fresh Start


"Don’t worry, soon this would end and …Lewis will have lots of diapers to change" He teased the boy for speak about it. "Dont rush, he cant get bigger. Doesnt look like he will transfor soon or late. thats more for adults." He added without explaim more. And for sure Amon will never transform himself. knowing he was half human-werewolf. There was many thing to organize now. routines, space and fix the apartment to be safe for the baby,. Lewis will have his own room and he will teach him to be organized and to not lose his time in childish things. 

The young demon walked with Aggie towards the entrance, carrying also one of the bads, the taxi driver gave the last one to Lewis, being him the only one close.  

"We have some things to discuss but first you need rest and I will put lewis to help me with the bags. there is much space to fill and also we need to prepare the baby’s room." He wanted to tell her about the job he found, but maybe could be a pleasant surprise for the end of the night.

Lewis scowled at the demon. Jerk…

"Aww… You guys sure?" Aggie asked. She hated for them both to do all the work, but at least she had a good excuse to be lazy for the moment. "M’kay~" She quickly added, not waiting for a response before finding a comfy chair.

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Fresh Start


Eros stepped out of the car, not before pay the correct amount of money to the driver. Who, after that, also stepped out of his car to open the trunk and pick the suitcases.

The young demon helped Aggie first, walking towards her side and opening the door for her and offering her his hand. “Come, let me help you.” he sounded so sweet, compared when he talks to lewis u others.. For the demon she was the only one important there.

Aggie let Eros help her out of the car, blushing. Lewis tried not to make gagging noises…

The goth half stumbled, chuckling. “I’ll need a walking stick if this bump gets any bigger!”

"Aren’t you due yet..?" Lewis asked seriously. It had to be soon, right..? Or did demon babies take longer?

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Fresh Start


Eros gazed back and looked at Lewis, his hand went right to slap his forehead and he did. to wake him up.” Don’t be a baby, stay up and stop drooling” he muttered and straightened his posture in his seat again. Soon the car parked from a big tower. and building of penthouses and with a front full of trees. He gazed up across the window and sighed. his brother couldn’t be less fancy…right?

Lewis squeaked, and Aggie snorted. “Serves you right for getting teenage spit all over me~” She pinched her brother’s cheeks playfully.

"Hmph…" Was the boy’s only response.

"Ooooh~" Aggie pressed her cheek up against the window. "Pretty..!!"

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